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With global installations in various places of the world, Canapa takes extreme pride in having to serve the largest companies in the world when it comes to packaging their cannabis products. We practice collaboration, partnerships, and teamwork instead of being a “one-off” selling situation because we greatly value the satisfaction of our customers.

Our cannabis packaging machines come from various packaging solutions such as bagging, flow wrapping, and vacuum and nitrogen packaging. These cannabis packaging machines are made with usability, serviceability, and cleanability.

For our cannabis bag filling solutions, we have our family of automated bagger for pre-made pouches and zippered bags with the use of roll stock as the bag material. Our cannabis bagging machines are designed to open, fill with cannabis and seal your pre-made pouches in one automatic process. The Swifty Bagger are engineered to run on a diverse range of bag styles (e.g., pillow, quad bags w/ zipper closures, stand-up, and gusseted) in order to meet the demands of cannabis packaging requirements. Available in three models, we have

  1. Swifty Bagger Junior – packages up to 11” wide and up to 15” long
  • Features:
    • Omron PLC
    • color touchscreen
    • stainless steel frame
    • SMC vacuum generator
  1. Swifty Bagger 1200 – packages up to 12” wide and up to 18” long
  • Features:
    • PLC and touchscreen
    • festo valves and vacuum generator
    • funnel clog sensor
    • no bag-no fill sensor
  1. Swifty Bagger 3600 – packages up to 8” wide and up to 11” long
  • Features:
    • mechanical bag opening device
    • mechanical bag spreading station
    • stainless steel sheet metal exterior
    • a quick bag load station

Next batch of cannabis packaging machinery is from the automatic flow wrapping solutions. The SleekWrapper brand of flow packing machines is marijuana edibles. You only need to load your edibles to the conveyor belt and the machine takes over up to the last process. Depending on the model, these cannabis packaging machines can produce as many as 200 packages per minute.

  1. CanapaWrapper 40 – a budget-friendly compact wrapper perfect for small businesses
  • Features:
    • rotary seal jaws
    • an automatic rotary fin wheel assembly
    • crimper synchronized
    • color touchscreen
  1. CanapaWrapper 45 – a high-speed cannabis packaging machine
  • Features:
    • up to 100 recipes
    • temperature control
    • 6 feet sized infeed conveyor
    • 4 servo motors
  1. Canapa Wrapper 65 – ideal for large packaging requirements
  • Features:
    • up to 100 recipes
    • temperature control
    • 6 feet sized infeed conveyor
    • 5 servo motors

Then finally, we have our vacuum and nitrogen packaging solutions that are consist of an automatic bagging machine, the Bingo Bagger. Designed to fill larger bags with your cannabis products, this cannabis packaging machine features a vacuum or gas flash to provide a consistent nitrogen residual that is ideal for products like marijuana. It is capable of automatically opening, filling, and sealing your pre-made bags made of materials like laminated and polyethylene. Ideal for bulk, food service, and multipacks, the Bingo Bagger includes a standard and XL model.

  • Features:
    • right to left bag discharge
    • quick changeover design
    • a bag support roller conveyor

compact footprint